Trustee and Scheme Executive

The Trustee is a limited company run by a Board of Directors which is responsible for making sure that the Scheme:

  • Complies with the rules
  • Complies with legal and HM Revenue & Customs requirements
  • Is administered efficiently
  • Invests its assets effectively
  • Has proper checks in place to make sure it can meet its obligations to members

The Board meets quarterly, with additional meetings if required.

Employer Nominated Directors 

  • Tony Ashford (Chairman)
  • Clare Beale
  • Mossman Roueché
  • Paul Seward
  • Francis Sullivan
  • Alan Thomas
  • Stuart Walker

Member Nominated Directors

  • Len Aspell
  • Richard Dixon
  • Mark Grogan
  • Anne Lonsdale
  • Mike Palmer
  • Stuart White


  • Asset and Liability Committee - monitors and reviews investment performance, and the Scheme’s liabilities
  • Defined Contribution Committee - directs the investment, administration and communications for the DCS
  • Audit and Risk Committee - reviews internal control and its effectiveness, considers all operational matters and oversees the Trustee’s risk management approach
  • Appeals and Discretions Committee - considers member disputes under the Second Stage of the Internal Dispute Resolution Procedure and monitors the exercise of discretionary powers

Pension Scheme Executive

The Executive:

  • Runs the Scheme on behalf of HSBC Bank Pension Trust (UK) Limited
  • Makes sure the Scheme and its funds are administered in line with the Trust Deed and Rules, legislation and Trustee requirements with a high degree of integrity and accountability
  • Delivers ongoing strategic development and implementation of UK pension provision

The team:

  • Elizabeth Renshaw-Ames - Chief Executive Officer
  • Mark Thompson - Chief Investment Officer
  • Peter Wilson - Chief Financial Officer
  • Annette Cipa - Fund Accountant
  • Samuel Cobley - Pension Investment Analyst
  • Mike Dane - Member Administration Manager
  • Michael C Do - Pension Fund Accountant
  • Isabel Harp - Executive Administrator
  • Rosanne Hossack - Board Administrator
  • John McKenzie - Company Secretary and Head of Corporate Governance
  • Laura Pharoah - Senior Project Manager
  • Lyn Webb - Communications and Engagement Manager
  • Richard Williams - Senior Investment Manager