Contact us

HSBC Administration Team


If you want to find out more or have a question about your own benefits:

Phone: 01737 227575
Don't forget to have your personal telephone helpline PIN number handy.


The HSBC Administration Team
Willis Towers Watson
PO Box 652
RH1 9AL 

Don't forget to include your employee ID number in your correspondence.

If the administration team aren’t able to help, you can write to the Pension Scheme Executive at HSBC Bank Pension Trust (UK) Limited, Level 27, 8 Canada Square,
London, E14 5HQ.

Complaints or concerns


If you have a comment, concern or complaint you need to follow the process below so that you get a response as quickly as possible:

  • Your first point of contact should be the administration team. If they are not able to help you, then you can write to the Pension Scheme Executive.
  • The Scheme has a formal, two-stage procedure for resolving disputes between members (and their families) and the Trustee. This requires you to complete a form at each stage and you can get these from the HSBC Administration Team:
    1. Firstly write to the Chief Operating Officer who will normally provide a complete written response within two months of receiving full details of the complaint.
    2. If you’re not satisfied, you can appeal against the decision made by the Chief Operating Officer but this must be done within four months of receipt of the decision. You will need to complete a ‘Notification of Internal Disputes – Stage 2’ form and return it to the Chairman of the Appeals and Discretions Committee as shown on the form.